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Source: October 1938 Volume 1 Number 5, Page 1


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With the completion of the initial volume of five numbers in which have appeared some papers of national interest and some bearing distinctly upon local history, we desire to acknowledge the work of our artists.

To impart to the reader and student the correct perspective, it is necessary that even the most graphic matter should have the aid of artistic talent. Many of our sketches have been made from treasured old photographs, and others from rare engravings, some from crude drawings, while some of the best have been sketched directly from the originals.

In the latter class, we feel that especial praise should be given Caroline Logan of Strafford for her sketch of Valley Forge Memorial Arch and for her original conception of scenes along the Conestoga Road; to Avery Okie for her drawings of the ancient Neilley house and the first post-office in Reeseville. We would mention also the accurate restoration of the old Aiken houses, from the old Aiken houses from the office of R. Brognard Okie.

In historical research the peculiar art of the cartographer is of even greater importance to convey an accurate picture of the subject. We would call attention to the maps prepared by S. Paul Teamer, not only of the local terrain, but of the movements of the troops thereon. The reduction of the technical descriptive language of the surveyor and conveyancer understandable to the layman, by Howard S. Okie, Esq., is no less correct.

To our members who have completed the first installment of their chosen projects, who are working with renewed energy and enthusiasm on other parts, we offer our congratulations and bespeak the pleasure of the accomplishment of a worthy self-imposed task which brings its own reward.


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