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Source: October 1938 Volume 1 Number 5, Page 27

From the secretary's book

Meetings, trips, valuable papers have continued to be the work of the club since the last writing from the Secretary's Book in the April issue. We are now permanently a member of the Chester County Historical Society and will take advantage of their valuable collections. We hope that they will make use of our material.

On April 24 the hikers of the club enjoyed another six mile walk along the Horse Shoe Trail, starting from Devault. Supper was cooked over an open fire at Chester Springs.

June 26 found six cars ready to take members and their friends to see the beaver dam on the Woolman property near Marsh, then on through one of the worst storms of the season to "Braeside," the home of Mrs. Alfred C. Prime, where the usual outdoor supper was enjoyed.

July 9 was the date of the New England trip. Unfortunately few of the members wore able to enjoy this trip, in which history lived again for those visiting Jockey Hollow, Washington's Headquarters at Morristown and the museum there, Stony Point, Crown Point, West Point, Saratoga Springs, the battlefield, Bennington, Cambridge and Lexington, as well as Lake George and the Mohawk Trail.

Rev. Croswell McBee planned the September trip, and guided the group over the Old Baptist Road which leads from the camp ground at Valley Forge to Old St. David's Church.

Meetings have been held as usual at the home of the president, S. Paul Teamer, except in August, when the club went to Mrs. Fred Hunt's home in the valley. This is always a delightful outdoor meeting, wherein much reminiscing takes place. Accumulated plans are such that even the approach of winter will not dampen the ardor of our members.


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