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Source: December 1949 Volume 7 Number 2, Pages 42–45

Tombstones of Old Salem Church (continued from Vol. VII, no. 1)

Page 42

In memory of William son of
Alexander & Margaret McIntire
aged 8 yrs. & 24 days
This stone is a tribute of
respect from his sister
E. McIllehenney

In memory of William son of
John & Mary McConaghy
Died Dec. 19, 1849
Aged 3 yrs. 8 mos. & 19 days

In memory of
Elizabeth Anderson McLaughlin
died Sept. 22, 1865
Aged 49 yrs.
The weary are at rest

In memory of Mary Acker
daughter of James & Mary Mclaughlin
Born Aug. 30, 1859
Died July 13, 1869

In memory of a Volunteer
James A. Mclaughlin of Co. A.
1, Regiment of Pennsylvania Reserves
Born Mar. 14, 1834
Died Aug. 20, 1862

My Mother Elizabeth
Widow of James A. McClaughlin
May 26, 1835
June 12, 1888
In memory's broken chain
Preserve a link for her daughter

Flora daughter of Cyrus S. &
Emma J. Margerum
Died March 15, 1876
aged 4 yrs. 4 mos. 2 days

Ellie daughter of Cyrus S. &
Emma J. Margerun
Died March 26, 1865
aged 2 most 2 days

Memory of Charles Wesley, Son
of John & Juliann Nugent
departed this life
September 4th, 1838
aged 2 years, 2 months & 2 days

Rev. John O'Neill, son of
Charles O'Neill & Maria Dempsey
for 4 years a member of the
Phila. Conference 1830 - 1910

Mary E. Brooke wife of
Rev. John O'Neill
1831 - 1903

In memory of Nathan Pawling
Born March 27, 1825
Died March 22, 1890
God's finger touched him and he
Rest from thy labour rest
Soul of the just set free
Blest be thy memory and blest
Thy bright example be.

In memory of Mary J. wife of
Nathan Pawling
Born April 13, 1828
Died -- 1888
Our Mother lies at rest
From all her suffering pains
She bore them all with patience
Until her earthly race was run
She is now asleep in Jesus
in her eternal home

Clara A. Only daughter of
Nathan & Mary J. Pawling
departed this life
May 5th, 1868
in the 17th year of her age
Dearest daughter thou hast left us
Here thy loss is deeply felt
By his nod that hath bereft us
He can all our sorrows heal

Hannah Rennard
who departed this life
April 2nd, 1866
in the 64th year of her age

Page 43

Caroline Daughter of Sarah &
Samuel Rennard
Died Febr'y 23, 1863
aged 6 years 3 months & 26 days

In memory of Preston Radcliff
Departed this life Jan. 7, 1859
aged 10 yrs. and 27 days

Memory of Isaiah Radcliff
departed this life June 5th, 1857
in the 73 year of his age

Hannah P. Wife of Isaiah Radcliff
died November 18, 18--
aged 88 yrs. 10 m. & 12 days

Corpl. T. W. Schofield
Co. F. 4 Pa. Res. Inf.

Mary Sloan
Born May 28, 1806
Died May 18, 1896
Home at Last

Margaret Sloan
Died July 17, 1862
in the 63rd yr. of her age

Sarah Ann Sloan
Died March 1st, 1860
in the 53rd yr. of her age

Isabella Sloan
Born June 24, 1801
Died June 9, 1884
At rest and happy

Jane wife of James Sloan, Sr.
Died Dec, 20, 1858
aged 87 yrs,
She always made home happy

Isabell Sloan
Died April 1, 1857
aged 18 years

Mary, wife of John Sloan
Born Feb'y 3rd, 1803
Died Dec'r 9th, 1867

My husband John Sloan
Died Jan'y 4, 1854
aged 58 years

Samuel J. Sloan
Born May 16th, 1843
Died Sept, 14th, 1868
Man dieth and wasteth away
And where is he Hark from the skies
I hear a voice answer and say
The spirit of man never dies
His body which came from the earth
Must mingle again with the sod
His soul which in Heaven had birth
Returns to the bosom of God

Memory of John W. son of
John & Mary Sloan
who died Oct. 10th 1846
aged 10 mo. 23 days

2 graves unmarked,one just R. S.
on the stone

In memory of Ellen, daughter of
John and Mary Sloan
departed this life
December 24th, 1833
aged 18 months

In memory of Harriett wife of
Nicholas Sowden
Born in Cornwall, England
Mar. 15th, 1815
Died May 5th, 1906

Nicholas Sowden
Born in Cornwall, England
Dec. 25th, 1811
Died Dec. 20th, 1885
aged 73 years 11 mo. & 20 days
Gone but not forgotten

William R. Sowden
Born March 30, 1835
Died Dec. 18, 1915

Sarah, wife of Willian R. Sowden
Born Nov. 10, 1839
Died Jan. 1, 1880

In memory of Lizzie F. Brightbill
daughter of W. R. & Sarah Sowden
Born June 2, 1862
Died June 10, 1899

Page 44

In memory of Harriett R. daughter of
W. R. & Sarah Sowden
Born June 1, 1869
Died July 10, 1905
At Rest

In memory of Samuel son of
John & Ann Sowden
A native of Camborne County of
Cornwall, England
Died August 30th, 1854
aged 26 years
What says the happy dead
He bids me bear my load
With silent steps proceed
To follow him to God

John Wesley, son of
Elizabeth Shaffer
Died Jan'y 28, 1852
Aged 1 yr. 6 mos. & 23 days

Anna Mary Daughter of
Elizabeth Shaffer
Died June 1, 1852
Aged 3 yrs. 8 mos. & 8 days

Janes Irwin son of
& Isabel T. Schofield
Died Aug. 5th, A.D., 1872
aged 2 mos. & 26 days
Then why should our tears run down
Or our hearts with grief be riven
Another gem in the Saviour's crown
Another star in heaven

Henry King son of
Christopher & Deborah Seavers
Died March 31, 1841
aged 6 mos. & 24 days

Sacred to the memory of
Edward J. Schofield
Born Oct. 30th, 1796
Died May 30th, 1865
Blessed are the dead who die in the
Lord. Rev. 14, 13

Frank, son of Nicholas W. & Rachel Smith
Died Dec. 10, 1862
aged 8 mos. & 21 days

Rachel Y. Smith
Born Feb. 23, 1830
Died July 3, 1905
aged 75 years. 4 m. 15. D.

Nicholas W. Smith
Born Nov. 15, 1825
Died Nov. 21, 1898
aged 73 yrs, & 6 D's

George W. Taylor
Born Feb. 11th, 1823
Died Nov. 17th, 1856

Also his daughter Sarah Jane
Born Aug. 9th, 1856
Died Jan. 13th, 1857

In memory of Mary, wife of
Henry Wisner
Died May 6th, 1855
aged 20 years, 10 mo. and 10 days

Also in memory of Anna Mary
daughter of Henry & Mary Wisner
Died July 22nd, 1855
aged 2 months & 22 days

A stone with
Mary, wife of (the rest is not
discernible except this verse)
Death is a path that must be trod
For all who ask a home with God
A gate which leads to rest above
Where angels whisper "God is Love"

Elizabeth Wright
Departed this life
November 21st, 1865
aged 86 years, 10 months & 2 days

Entered into rest George K. White
Aug. 13th, 1879
in the 33rd year of his age
Through repentance and faith we
inherit eternal life

Also Willie, son of Henry J. & Jane
S. White
aged 5 years

Page 45

Also Hilbern son of Henry J. &
Jane S. White
aged 9 years

In memory of Jane S. White
daughter of James & Mary Brown
Died Jan. 18, 1888
in her 67 year
Lovely in life and faithful until

Father & Mother
Thomas H. Williams
Born 1832 - Died 1907
Elizabeth Williams
Born 1840 - Died 1915

Annie daughter of Thomas &
Lizzie Williams
Died Dec. 9, 1875
aged 11 years

Charles Warren
Liet. Co. C. 97 Regt. Pa. Vol.
Born Mar. 30, 1838
Died July 29, 1897
Gone but not forgotten

Mary Jane Warren
Born Mar. 21, 1839
Died Mar. 14, 1918
Natives of England

George H. Warren and Family
1859 - 1932

Moses L. Wadsworth
1843 - 1932
Co. H. Reg. 50 P. V.
Corp. Co. F. Reg. 197 P. V.

Sarah R. Shunk, wife of
Moses L. Wadsworth
1847 - 1912

Maude Olive, daughter of Moses L.
& Sallie R. Wadsworth
Born . Sept. 3, 1880
Died Jan. 4, 1885

Elsie May, daughter of Moses L.
& Sallie R. Wadsworth
Born Mar. 11, 1883
Died Jan. 27, 1887

In memory of Caroline J.,
daughter of Arthur & Jane Wheatley
Died Sept. 2, 1853
aged 3 years, 6 mo. & 10 days

William Harrison, Son of
Henry & Elizabeth Wismer
Departed this life 1861

Henry Wismer
Died Dec. 15, 1900
aged 68 years
In my Father's house are many

Mother Elizabeth Wismer
1836 - 1921

Irvin J. B. Wisner
1871 - 1911

Franklin I. Wagoner
Died March 15th, 1944
Aged 52 years 8 mos. 22 days
(Lavern H. Dotts, Skippack, Pa.
Fnn. Dir.)

Henry Wagoner
Died Jan. 3rd, 1894
aged 39 years & 9 months

Memory of Hilton Zublin, son of
John & Elizabeth Zublin
who was born April 18th, A.D., 1813
and departed this life July 12, 1833
aged 20 years 8 months & 4 days


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