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Source: February, 1953 Volume 7 Number 4, Page 70

Pensilvania, a part of Terra Canadensis

From Pat. Gordon's Geographical Grammar, London; 1737. 15th. Ed.

Page 70

"This Country (discover'd at the same Time with the rest of the adjacent Continent, is bounded on the East by part of the main Ocean; on the West by some of Terra Artica; on the North by New Jersey; and on the South by Maryland.

The Air ** is generally granted to be clear and sweet, the Heavens being seldom overcast with clouds. The length of the days and nights is much the same here as in New Jersey.

The Soil ** is tolerably good in many parts, but in some Places extremely barren.

There being no considerable Trade as yet settled between this and foreign Countries; the chief Commodities hitherto exported are mostly Horses and Pipe-Stoves, commonly sent to the Island of Barbadoes.

In several parts of Pensilvania are springs of good mineral waters, particularly those about two miles from Philadelphia, which, for operation, are accounted much the same with our purging Waters at Barnet.

The Natives,** being persons of tall bodies and swarthy complexions, are generally reckon'd more mild and civilly inclined, than most others of the Indian nations.

The language of the natives being a dialect of the Indian tongue is said to be very lofty, sweet and emphatic, in respect of many others in these parts of the world; as also very easy to be acquired by strangers. The Europeans here residing retain the respective languages of their own country.

The English here residing are of different sects end persuasions, but enthusiasm chiefly prevails, this Country being flock'd with Quakers by their Governor William Penn. The Natives are said to have a pretty clear Notion of a supreme Being, the Immortality of the Soul, and a future State. Their Worship chiefly consists in Sacrifices and Songs, intermix'd with Dancing."


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