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Source: November 1953 Volume 8 Number 1, Page 22

Rules adopted by the Tredyffrin-Easttown History Club for use of materials in the Club library

  • Persons permitted to use Library
    • Members of the Club.
    • Persons known to members and recommended by member.
    • Persons not well known to members - who may ask to use the Library.
  • Use of Library.
    • Persons in groups a & b should present to Mrs. Emily J. Peirce in her office (Tredyffrin Township Building) an application for use of Library ~ Signed by The President of the Club - or by the Librarian. Such persons will be furnished with a key to the Library. This key must be returned to Mrs. Peirce at a time to be specified by her.
    • Persons in group c - must be accompanied by the Librarian or other member of the Club. The Librarian will make arrangements for the use of the Library by members of group c.
  • Registering in the Club House.
    • All persons using the Library material are expected to register in a book (in the Library) provided for the purpose.
  • Books may be kept out of the Library for 2 weeks.

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