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Source: January 1979 Volume 17 Number 1, Pages 2–2


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A "bicentennial" that went virtually unnoticed last year was that of the skirmish between "Light Horse Harry" Lee and Colonel Banastre Tarleton at "Signal Hill" in Easttown Township, on January 18, 1778. The article in this issue is based on an old account of the engage­ment by Julius F. Sasche, and his research concerning it.

The glimpse of Berwyn one hundred years ago was written by an unknown reporter for the West Chester Daily Local News and appeared in the May 14, 1879 issue of that newspaper. The letter corroborating his impressions of the village, written from Berwyn on May 26th and signed "Lex", appeared in the Local for May 27, 1879.

The article about A. Edward Newton and "Oak Knoll" is particularly timely in view of proposed plans to build a town house-apartment com­plex on the former site of the Newton home. A request for a change in zoning for the area is currently before the Tredyffrin Township Board of Supervisors.


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