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Source: April 1979 Volume 17 Number 2, Pages 26–26


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Elizabeth Rumrill, the author of the article on the registration of St. Peter's Church in the Valley as an historic place, is the historian for St. Peter's. The article was also presented by her at a recent meeting of the History Club.

In the preparation of the portfolio of old picture postcards, assistance was given by Dorothy Miller, of Newark, Delaware, co­author of Picture Postcards in the United States, on the selection of postcards to include in the portfolio, and the dates they were published. Her interest and suggestions are much appreciated.

A great deal of the material in the article on the Marine Corps' camp in Tredyffrin is the first-hand recollection of Thomas R. Plummer, who was a member of the camp's cadre. In fact, it was while he was stationed in Tredyffrin that he met Betty Leech, the young lady who in October 1918 became his wife.

The report on former place names in the two townships is the first of three parts and will be continued in succeeding issues. The information concerning the various places is generally from secondary sources, and was taken in many instances from previous issues of the Quarterly. In other instances, it was derived from old maps, newspaper accounts, unpublished notes, and the recollections or folk knowledge of various club members. An explanation of the source references is included at the end of the article.


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