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Source: April 1979 Volume 17 Number 2, Pages 56–56

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Naming Daylesford

In the article on the history of the Upper Main Line Area that appeared in Volume XVI, Number 2 of the Quarterly, it was noted that the name Daylesford was taken "from a tourist resort in Australia". The source of this information was Chester County Place Names, by Edward Pinkowski.

Additional research indicates that the flag-stop station was more probably named after the estate of Warren Hastings in England, as reported in the article on A. Edward Newton in the last issue and in Louise Kneass' "Notes on Daylesford" in Volume VIII, Number 3 of the Quarterly, The name appears to have been suggested by a Mr. Graham, a resident of the area when the station was being built, who at that time was studying the treason trial of the former Governor General of India.


T-E Bicentennial Booklet Wins Freedoms Foundation Award

"Journey into Yesterday", the 162-page "primer" written and illustrated entirely by elementary and junior high school pupils of the Tredyffrin-Easttown School District, was awarded a Valley Forge Honor Certificate by the Freedoms Foundation in its annual ceremonies at Valley Forge in February. An activity of the School District's Bicentennial Committee, the booklet is a compilation of stories, poems, riddles, games, essays, reports, and pictures — from a colonial style ABC and recipes for Indian pudding and strawberry flummery to reports on the winter at Valley Forge and the raids of Sandy Flash — all reflecting on the development of this area during the Revolution. The project was suggested by Aileen Musgrave Seshun, who also supervised the publication. A mini-grant for the project was also received from the Chester County Intermediate Unit.

Copies of the booklet have been distributed to each classroom in the District's elementary schools, the media centers of the junior and senior high schools, and to the libraries in the two townships.


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