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Source: July 1979 Volume 17 Number 3, Page 58


Page 58

"Your first ride on an interurban, years ago," Frank Rowsome, Jr. observed in his Trolley Car Treasury, "was not soon forgotten." In the lead article of this issue is a brief history of the Interurban Era in Tredyffrin and Easttown townships. The cover picture of a Philadelphia & Western car leaving Strafford is from an old postcard.

What had ten legs and weighed 552 pounds? The answer is found in the second feature. The author, incidentally, lived up to her self-proclaimed modesty by never identifying herself by her given name. The original manuscript copy of the article is in the col­lection of the Chester County Historical Society.

Ed Ten Broeck's reminiscences of Valley Forge in the early part of this century give an indication of the changes that have taken place in the park since then.

In the second installment of the report of the Club's project on "Names No Longer on the Map" are names formerly given villages or settlements in the two townships. Some of the places no longer exist; others are no longer known by this name. The final section of the report on the project will be included in the next issue.

Although both Tredyffrin and Easttown townships prided themselves on their temperance in the mid-nineteenth century, there were occa­sions when the situation was otherwise. One of them is described in the last feature, taken from the West Chester Village Record of March 19, 1851.


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