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Source: October 1979 Volume 17 Number 4, Pages 86–86


Page 86

The Bicentennial is still with us! In our lead article for this issue we note the 200th anniversary, earlier this year, of General Anthony Wayne's capture of Stony Point. The slogan for the assault was "Remember Paoli!".

In the second feature, Elizabeth Rumrill reports on some of the work done by her father, Harry B. Rumrill, a well-known amateur astronomer, and his backyard observatory that housed his telescope and extensive library of books and journals on astronomy.

Next comes a feature for Hallowe'en. While some may quarrel with its propriety in the publication of a history club, we feel it is, at the very least, folk history and therefore within the scope of the Quarterly. And who really knows —?

George Robert's piece is from a letter he recently wrote to Dorothy Reed. A resident of this area for many years, he now lives in Fallbrook, California.

And in this issue we also conclude the report of the Club's project on place names no longer on the map, with former railroad stations and post offices that were active in the nineteenth and early part of this century but have since given way to other names or no longer have a separate identity.


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