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Source: January 1993 Volume 31 Number 1, Page 2


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Last September the History Club noted the centennial of the construction of the present sanctuary of the Trinity Presbyterian Church in Berwyn. At the meeting Barbara Fry told us of the events leading up to the building of the new church and the week-long dedicatory services that were held in September of 1892. Her talk is reproduced in our first article.

Our second feature provides descriptions of several of the old taverns along the Lancaster road during the latter part of the 18th century and the first half of the 19th century, as taken from sale notices in newspapers of the period. At one time there were eleven inns in operation between Ithan and Paoli, recalled in the well-known "Sorrel Horse Toast"; descriptions of six of them, and their various appurtenances, are included here.

Frances Ligget recorded her recollections of "the deep country" of the Great Valley and its many historical echoes in 1965 as part of a series of "neighborhood reminiscences, both fact and folklore" she compiled in the 1960s. The article also reminds us of the many interesting anecdotes and stories she shared with us at club meetings over the years.


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