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Source: April 1993 Volume 31 Number 2, Page 42


Page 42

This year marks the centennial of the establishment of a state park at Valley Forge "for the purpose of perpetuating and preserving" the site on which the Continental Army under General George Washington was encamped during the winter of 1777-1778. At our March meeting Bob Goshorn reviewed some of the events leading up to formation of the state park in 1893, with a note on its subsequent transfer to the National Park System in 1976. His talk is the first article in this issue.

This year-is also the centennial of the Eliza Cathcart Home in Devon, which officially opened on November 13, 1893. A year-long commemoration of the centennial began last November, and at our November meeting Dana Aberle told us of its history. Her talk is the next feature. A graduate of Conestoga High School and Elizabethtown College and a lifelong resident of the Devon-Berwyn area, Dana Aberle is currently the administrator of the Cathcart Health Center/Hutchinson House,

Jim Matthews, who has been a lifelong resident of the Paoli area for more than 80 years and has "seen a lot come and go", shared his reminiscences about the Matthews Ford agency with the Club at its January meeting. His informal and anecdotal history of the agency was transcribed for publication with the help of Elizabeth Goshorn.

And finally, when we heard, after the Club's visit to the Peter Wentz Homestead last summer, that one of our club members was a descendant of Henry Antes, we asked Carol Onderdonk to write a few paragraphs about it for our Notes and Comments. Instead, she replied with the full-length article that is our concluding feature in the issue.


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