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Source: January 1994 Volume 32 Number 1, Page 2


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By coincidence, at the time that our first article in this issue, on the unsuccessful attempt by some residents in the Great Valley to secede from Tredyffrin Township to form a separate Borough of Great Valley, was presented at our November meeting, some residents of West Pikeland Township were trying to withdraw from the Downingtown school district and become a part of the Great Valley district and efforts were underway in Chesterbrook to "secede" from the Wayne post office and establish a separate post office of its own. It will be interesting to see if these efforts are any more successful than those of the residents of the Great Valley 35 years ago.

Our second article not only presents a history of the 125-year old Maurice Lewis house on Lancaster Avenue in Berwyn, but also provides information on the Lewis family who lived in it during its first seven decades.

In September the Club was the guest of Valley Friends Monthly Meeting as it recognized the several churches in the area that were formed by 1850 or before, and their congregations, as a part of the Meeting's commemoration of its 280th anniversary of continuous worship by Friends in the Valley. We thank the Valley Meeting for its permission to include this transcription of the talks given on that occasion in this issue of the Quarterly.


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