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Source: April 1994 Volume 32 Number 2, Page 44


Page 44

Our meeting in January this year was a wake for the late and lamented Woolworth's five-and-ten cent stores in our area. The recollections of various club members of shopping at Woolworth's, the most recent in our "Club Members Remember" series, were recorded and transcribed, and constitute the first feature in this issue.

In February Len and Mary Gottliebsen told us about the history of curling and the Philadelphia Curling Club, which is actually located on Plank Avenue in Paoli. Their presentation is the second article in this issue.

And in March Bill Fritz spoke on the history of Fritz's lumber yard, the oldest business in Berwyn, started in 1860 by his great-grandfather, Henry Fritz, and William Lobb. He particularly noted the changes that have taken place during the last 50+ years, and his comments comprise our third article.

Finally, in our concluding article is a short profile of the Gibb family and its contributions to Berwyn and the Trinity Presbyterian Church, prepared by Barbara Fry.

(A review of the past winter, truly a winter to remember, is also included in our "Notes and Comments" section.)


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