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Source: October 1994 Volume 32 Number 4, Page 130


Page 130

Merle Walker Lee and her twin sister, Mildred Walker Jones, both grew up in Berwyn, with their three brothers and one other sister. Their parents, Frank and Agnes Rynd Walker, owned and operated the Berwyn Pharmacy, which they bought from Dr. James Aiken and his wife Clara in 1910. The two daughters1 recollections of growing up in the drug store, edited by Barbara Fry and Peggy Egertson, is the initial feature in this issue.

For our August meeting the club visited Hibernia Mansion and the site of the Hibernia Iron Works above Wagontown in nearby West Cain Township. This history of the old iron works, our next feature, was written by John C. Nagy thirty years ago on the occasion of the dedication of the property as a county park on October 4, 1964. It is included in this issue with his permission.

The feature on the Revolutionary War musket had its genesis in a visit to Stony Point Battlefield Park in New York several summers ago and a demonstration of firing a colonial musket. A special "thank you" is extended to the staff of Valley Forge National Historic Park for its assistance in the preparation of the article, and especially to Lee Boyle, who made available material from the Park Library, and to Paulette Marks for her several very helpful suggestions after reading a first draft of it. Their cooperation and contributions are much appreciated.

This issue also includes an Index to Volume XXXII of the Quarterly. Our next issue will be the club's 130th.


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