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Source: April 1998 Volume 36 Number 2, Page 34


Page 34

Development spawned by the Great Valley Corporate Center has altered the landscape of the ancient crossroads at Valley Store, and the homes, school, mill and church along old Morehall road are little remembered. With attractive illustrations and painstaking research, Sue Andrews has brought them back to life in an article we are pleased to present as our first offering in this issue.

Strange as it may seem, Warren Tavern Post Office was not always located at the tavern from which it took its name. The late Bob Goshorn told the story in an article written for his "Looking Back" column in the Great Valley Business News, which is reprinted as our second offering. It forms a perfect companion piece for the history of Valley Store.

At our January meeting this year club, members enjoyed local resident Karl Klingelhoeffer's comments about the covered bridges of Chester County and his artwork which illustrates the Chester County Tourist Bureau's current "bridge tour" brochure. His remarks about the era of the covered bridge form the basis for our third feature.

This year will mark the 80th anniversary of the 1918 Armistice which ended World War I. Our final article in this issue is the transcription of a 1974 interview with Red Cross volunteer Miss Emma Beale, now deceased, in which she recalls some of her experiences of that time. The interview conducted by Douglas Craig Sensenig has not been previously published.


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