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Source: July 1998 Volume 36 Number 3, Page 66


Page 66

Braxton's "Animal Works" on Lancaster Avenue in Strafford has been serving local pet owners for 60 years. It is also the site of a 1798 house, one of the oldest in the vicinity. Bill Braxton spoke to club members at our September meeting last year about the house, plans for enlarging the Animal Works, and a transition of management to his sons. His taped remarks have been transcribed and are presented as the first article in this issue.

References to, or recollections of, the Village of Spread Eagle are seldom encountered today, but in the nineteenth century it had a thriving existence along the Lancaster Turnpike, now Lancaster Avenue, in the part of Tredyffrin Township we call Strafford today. Herb Fry has researched the history of Spread Eagle, and documented the influence of the roadway on the early development of this settlement. His article was presented at our May meeting.

Continuing the Strafford theme in this issue, our concluding article recog­nizes the important contribution made by Henry Pleasants, over one hun­dred years ago, in saving from destruction the familiar landmark building we know as Old Eagle School. Named also are the 24 persons appointed by the court over the years between 1895 and 1953 to serve on the board of trustees which administered this historic site. Our community owes a debt of gratitude to all of them.


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