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Limestone and the lime produced from it were precious commodities in the 18th and 19th centuries, and Tredyffrin township was fortunate to be situated astride a rich belt of limestone in Chester Valley. At our September 1998 meeting, Harlan Morrison told us how the residents of that era obtained and used this limestone treasure. His presentation is the first feature in this issue.

Our next two articles are companion pieces dealing with the history of the Indians who once roamed our area. The first, by the late Bob Goshorn, relates the story of the Walam Olum, believed to be a tribal account of the Lenape Indians. Following it is a small portion of a chapter about American aboriginal culture, reprinted from a 1913 history of the Pocono region of Pennsylvania, by local resident and early 20th century historian, Henry Pleasants.

Finally, we mark the 80th anniversary of the armistice which concluded the World War (the designation World War I did not come into use until later) with publication of an essay about the influenza epidemic which raged amidst the closing days of that conflict. It was written by Dr. Harry Armitage for the May 1998 issue of The Bulletin of the Delaware County Medical Society and is included here by permission.

The cover photo by Herb Fry was taken January 22, 1998.


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