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Source: July 1999 Volume 37 Number 3, Page 74


Page 74

Although the Old Forge Crossing Condominium was constructed in the late 1960s, the land on which it was built has a long and colorful history as Old Orchard Farm. Club members were invited to visit the old farm­house, which is the Old Forge Crossing clubhouse, on March 28 to hear Richard "Dick" Henkels, long-time resident, present a history of the devel­opment. His comments are presented as the first article in this issue.

Messrs. Coffin and Aitemus conceived the idea of a village called Devon - an inn and surrounding homes where Philadelphians could congregate in the summertime. Building got underway in the 1880s and, because of the lay of the land, a method of sewage disposal soon had to considered. Herb Fry's story of the Devon Drainage Association is an interesting tale of the solution adopted. It is presented here as our next offering.

Paoli Baptist Church is quite new among the churches of this area, but it has a significant history, having been involved in one way or another in the beginnings of four other active churches and in reviving a church in inner city Philadelphia. At our April Club meeting Dr. Fred Boelke jr, of Paoli, who serves on the faculty of Eastern College, presented this his­tory. It is included as our third feature.

The cover photo is by Herb Fry. The photo on page 104 of Paoli Baptist Church (the former Paoli Presbyterian Church), taken by Dorothy Reed on April 24, 1962, is from the Club archives.


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