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Source: January 2001 Volume 39 Number 1, Page 2


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Recently the historic log barn near Berwyn (the Richards-Jones barn, or Moy barn) generated much local interest. It was saved from destruction by the Tredyffrin Township Historical and Architectural Review Board (HARB) which devised a plan to dismantle, store and later re-erect the barn. The late Frank Burns in the 1920s wrote a brief history of the Jones Plantation on which the barn stood. Burns' previously unpublished story is our first article in this issue.

Our next feature is another in the Club Members Remember series of reminiscences of life fifty or so years ago. At the annual club picnic held in July last year, those in attendance related their experiences "Traveling by Train" which were recorded and transcribed for presentation here.

The history of Strafford North was featured on August 10 last summer at a "Town Tours & Village Walks" program, part of the 6th Annual Chester County summer series. Tredyffrin Township HARB again hosted the tour. Stops along the route, together with a short introductory history, have been included in our final article by Jim Garrison, a member of the HARB.

The cover photo of the Richards-Jones log barn by John Welsh first ap­peared in The Suburban and Wayne Times on October 5, 2000.


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