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Source: April 2001 Volume 39 Number 2, Page 38


Page 38

When Devon builder Kurt Wolter and Christine Reilly purchased the old Devon colonial home, Sprucemont, in May of 1999, they knew they had found their dream house. On June 12, they were married on the grounds, set about renovating it, and moved in on New Year's Eve. The house is unique as its history, compiled by previous owner Marian S. Buehler in an old black notebook, has been preserved. At the September Club meeting last year, Mr. Wolter told about the house, its history and his renovation work. Mrs. Buehler's historical chronicle, slightly abridged, is presented as our first feature in this issue.

It may come as a surprise to many, but Berwyn once had a cemetery at the southeast corner of Waterloo and Berwyn Avenues. Barbara Fry tells the story of the cemetery, and what happened to it, in our next article.

The barn at Waynesborough has been greatly rehabilitated by its lessee, Waynesborough Country Club. The June Club meeting last year was held at Waynesborough, and Steve Dittmann presented the history of the barn and how it was preserved. The story is included here as our third article.

The cover photo of Sprucemont, and inside photos on page 47 taken in December of 1999, are courtesy of Herb Fry.


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