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A precursor of post-World War II development was the construction of the Burroughs Research Center in Paoli. Fifty years ago the project began taking shape with land purchases, municipal approvals, and contract awards. Club member Joyce Post told the story at our November club meeting, and her remarks are presented here as the first feature.

Club member and Paoli native Dick Kurtz found the recent book Battle of Paoli by Professor Tom McGuire delightful. His review, our next article, celebrates the 225th anniversary of the battle. Included also are remarks of Mark Frazier Lloyd on the occasion of the initial sale and book signing by the author.

The first house in the Chesterbrook development was completed in 1977, just 25 years ago. The late Audrey Baur founded a group dedicated to learning and preserving the history of Chesterbrook. To recognize her work, Herb Fry read one of her narratives at the November club meeting last year. It is included here as our final article.

Photo credits Cover: Daily Local News (1/20/58); page 6: Daily Local News (4/17/54): page 24: Chester County Historical Society photo archives.

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C. Herbert Fry
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Volume 40, Number 1 – January 2003

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Radar Tower at Burroughs Great Valley Laboratories on Swedesford Road. 1958


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