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Source: January 2003 Volume 40 Number 1, Page 34


Page 34

Madeline Blackadore Dahlburg died November 7, 2002 at Bryn Mawr Hospital, at age 83. She and her husband, "Russ" Dahlburg, joined the History Club in 1999. They were married 54 years.

Born in Pittsburgh, Madeline came from a Scotch-Irish family that numbered itself one of the original settlers of western Pennsylvania. She was the oldest of three daughters, and grew up in a country home built by her grandfather. At a very young age she was drawn to music, and was taking piano lessons by the age of 10. She went on to earn a bachelor's degree in public school music from Westminster College, and a master's degree in sacred music from Columbia University.

For many years as a teacher, church organist, and choir director, she juggled family and career before it became customary for women to do this. Horticulture, French, art appreciation, and many other topics kindled and retained her interest.

She lived in Berwyn and recently at Paoli Pointe. In addition to her husband and four sons, John, Russell, Andrew, and Theodore, she is survived by three granddaughters. She was buried at Homewood Cemetery in Pittsburgh.


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