Past Meeting

At our public meeting on Sunday, April 17, 2011 the featured presentation was:

Devon Country Fair volunteers standing in front of The Dog House,
a new booth featuring antiques. May 28, 1947
(Image courtesy Temple University Urban Archives)

The History of the Devon Country Fair

by Bobbi Cowley

Long time Devon Horse Show and Country Fair (DHSCF) volunteer Mrs. Bobbi Cowley presented the rich history of the Devon Country Fair, from 1919 through today, showing many recently discovered and rarely seen photos, and relating a wealth of fascinating facts and stories.

The DHSCF Historical Committee and the Tredyffrin Easttown Historical Society have joined together to preserve and protect the rich history of the Devon Horse Show and Country Fair.

Bobbi Cowley began volunteering at Devon in 1981, and has served on the Executive Committee of the Devon Country Fair since 1991. She has co-chaired the event twice (for a total of 4 years). Perhaps more than anyone, Bobbi can speak to the changes and growth in this almost all-female organization that, since its inception has raised more than $14 million for Bryn Mawr Hospital. Bobbi’s love of history (she also serves on the Executive Board of Friends of Valley Forge Park) is contagious, and her research has found some truly amazing facts. “When we began looking through old scrapbooks and archives, it was incredible! There is so much rich history here about this small little Fair that has grown into a wonderful charitable organization over the years”, says Bobbi. She goes on to say, “In 1919, all of the DCF were women; they made the food, sold baked goods, and volunteered many hours. Today, this unique organization has nearly 100 Chairmen and 3000 volunteers. While we no longer make all the food from scratch, we are still a primarily female organization, although we now have four male chairmen. And all our planning and work is still on a strictly volunteer basis.”


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