Past Meeting

At our public meeting on Sunday, May 15, 2016 the featured presentation included:

Heyburn Roye Log Cabin, 1990
Courtesy Heidi Sproat

2015 Donations to the Archive

by Cheryl Leibold

Society archivist Cheryl Leibold presented an overview of the various photographs, memorabilia, and other research materials donated to the Society in 2015. Highlights include the original deed and other documents related to the Walker one-room school house in Tredyffrin Township, a group of surveyor's drawings of local properties, and an embossed cigar box from the Paoli News Agency.

Site of the Devon Fireworks Explosion, 1930
TEHS Archives

Westover Park and The Devon Fireworks Explosion

by Michele Hawk and Gail Cappelli

The site of the infamous 1930 Devon Fireworks Explosion later became Tredyffrin Township's proposed Westover Park but was never fully developed. A group of local citizens organized as Tredyffrin Bird Town recently worked with the Township and the Audubon Society to repurpose the property, and as of 16 March 2016, the site is now officially known as the Westover Bird Sanctuary. Michele and Gail guided the audience through this remarkable story, including some touching personal reminiscences of the victims of the 1930 explosion.

This meeting was held at the Easttown Library & Information Center in Berwyn, PA starting at 2 pm.


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