Past Meeting

At our public meeting on Sunday, October 16, 2016 the featured presentation was:

Witchcraft trial
Clarissa Dillon.

Power to "Charm" – Witchcraft in England, New England and Penn's Land

Clarissa F. Dillon, Ph.D.

Witchcraft trials were not only conducted in New England; some occurred in the land of William Penn. Penn himself sat as the judge in one of them! Clarissa presented and engaging talk about this intriguing topic.

This presentation was held at the Tredyffrin Public Library in Strafford, PA starting at 2 pm.


Clarissa Dillon grew up in Chicago. She taught there and when she moved to Pennsylvania she taught in Radnor for 24 years. She has her doctorate in History from Bryn Mawr College and has been active in "living history" since 1973. Although much of her work involves using her research to produce foods, domestic medicines, and other products of 18th-century women's work, she enjoys the occasional "traditional" project.


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