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History of Newtown Square

by Doug Humes

Map of Newtown Township showing early grants and patents.

Pennsylvania's first real estate developer, William Penn, met with his surveyor, Thomas Holme, and put his finger on a map of early Pennsylvania where the first New Town west of Philadelphia would be located. This New Town grew up at the intersection of Goshen Road and the Newtown straight road, for the first 100 years, and its roadside tavern witnessed a lot of colonial history during that time.

After the Revolution, the town center shifted its location, but remained a small crossroads country town for the next 150 years, and then witnessed and participated in the growth of the modern suburb after World War II. The town claims several former residents as its own — the father of American painting, the most decorated Marine in history, and the Olympian who participated in the closest race in Olympic history. Local historian Doug Humes will help us to explore the History of Newtown Square.

Doug Humes grew up in an historic home, lives in one now, works in another one, and attends a 300 year old church building. He is a former president and long time board member, of the Newtown Square Historical Society, the Marple Historical Commission, and a former member of the Delaware County Heritage Commission. He writes on topics of local history for area magazines.

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